You can perform a basic search by typing your search query into the search box. This may sometimes, unfortunately, bring up inacccurate results. The best search method is with " " (quotation marks) around words you are searching for as this will result in an exact match.
Small words such as "id" may not be found in a search. In this instance, it may be easier to browse through the relevant i-D category in our store.
Read the information below for help finding specific items. If you have any questions, please contact us.


How do I find a magazine from a specific month or year?
For the exact date of the item you are looking for, search (ideally with " " around words for an exact match).
For example: "December 2008"
Some searches may not be found even though the item may be available in our store.
An example would be: "Woman's Weekly 1996" (with " "). This will not bring up any matches because those words do not appear in that exact phrase in our shop. Instead, searching for Woman's Weekly 1996 (without " ") will give better results. (Alternatively, you can browse manually in the relevant category for the magazine you require).


How do I find someone featured on the cover of a magazine?
If you are looking for a magazine cover featuring a particular person, type (with " " around words), for example: "Jimi Hendrix cover".


How do I find a specific person featured within any magazine?
If you are looking for a person featured in a magazine, type (with " " around words), for example: "Elvis Presley"
This will then display a list of all magazines that feature Elvis Presley. If you simply type "Elvis", this will bring up other matches such as "Elvis Costello".


How do I find a specific article within a magazine?
To find a specific feature in a magazine, type (ideally with " " around words), for example: "Peter Rabbit knitting pattern"
If no results are found, you may find further results by simply typing "Peter Rabbit"
If no results are found, you can contact us and we will check if we have the issue in our archive.