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Wondering where you can sell your old magazines in the UK online? We buy back issues. We buy secondhand vintage magazines; new or old back issues worldwide. We buy UK British, International or USA American magazines (in English or foreign language from around the world). If you have a job lot or large collection of magazines that you want to sell, or just a few past copies for sale, fill in the form below to sell your magazines to us.

If you are in Lincolnshire or London area, we may be able to collect from you. Items can be mailed by post or courier to us (we'll pay the magazine delivery cost), but do NOT send us items before we have agreed to purchase them. To find out if we're interested in buying from you, get in touch with us below. Why not sell your magazines to us, and spend the cash on more wonderful vintage magazines to buy in our vintage magazine store.

Note: If we are interested in buying from you, a reply will be sent by email within 24-48 hours. If you do not hear back from us, please assume there is currently no interest in your collection. Our magazine store receives many messages daily from collectors wanting to sell their collections. As a magazine dealer, purchasing every collection offered for sale is simply not possible. We are not interested in purchasing damaged issues (ripped covers, pages torn out, etc). We cannot buy large collections from sellers outside the United Kingdom (i.e. the United States of America), simply due to high costs in shipping them over to us in the United Kingdom.

If you find problems using the form below, send a list of items you have for sale by email to  [ replace AT with @ ]

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